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Thread: Struggling to get 30 cal for reloading

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    Struggling to get 30 cal for reloading

    None of my local shops have 30 cal ammo, or components for reloading at the moment. I have ordered from 3 over the last 3 months and none have come up with anything. Basically i am looking for something about 150 - 165 gn for red deer.

    All i am getting offered is A max, which is a target round. However i am being told that they are suitable for hunting by the shops. I can see that they have a slight hollow point, so i guess may expand, however i dont want to spend a lot of money on stalking, only to have the bullet whizz right through without expanding. I also worry that if a stag stays on its feet i am sure i will blame the A max, and will not have the confidence that a bullet head designed for hunting.

    Does anyone have experience of hunting with A-max, and if so what kind of results did you experience. Did it expand?



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    a max are target bullets ,they may or may not expand depending on what they hit ,they aren't designed to expand and have thicker jackets .Deer act says "expanding ammunition" ,your choice !

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    dave just go on here order what you normally use and it will be with you in a week time simple no fuss and cheap, atb wayne
    not sure what you normally buy sorry just looked again and most things are out ,cant comment on amax as i have never used them
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    Cheers Waterford, that is exactly why i have not bought any. I really want the correct stuff, and feel i may be getting a sales mans story? That is what i thought and i was concerned that a, i could buy and zero on a-max, to be told i cannot use it after paying for stalking, or b, the thing whizzes right through without expanding and i injure the deer and spend the day following it. I am really uncomfortable with both these thoughts.

    Mereside, cheers for the link. I am now in really unfamiliar territory. Can i just order this from the USA? if so - yipee!!


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    dave yes mate it comes direct to home the max limit is 4lb weight but check thats in your limit of allowance,atb wayne
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    on the hornady web site they state A max are not for hunting. if you can get them through the post, then there none expanding. best off sticking to what you no.

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    I use amax on foxes
    previously Vmax
    only reason I changed was they arrive in the post, are cheaper and 2gr heavier

    expansion is not the issue
    "Controlled expansion" is

    and no, they don't
    they shatter.
    but they are more resilient than VMax and produce exits where VMax don't

    I am sure a 165gr 30cal Amx would kill anything you hit in the right place.
    but thats not the point, you would breaking the rules on expanding ammunition

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    Get hold of Aftab at reloading solutions and do an RFD to RFD transfer, will cost a bit more but you will have the choice of proper hunting bullets

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    Cheers for the replies. I checked the Hornady website and was sure they were not what i wanted, but 2 shops tried to sell me them, as being expanding. I had my doubts so decided not to buy them, and as i have a 243 was not overly worried. However time is marching on and nothing is about up here. Hence my question.

    Bewsher, i am sure they will work, and in 3006 will sort foxes. but your comments re expansion was my worry, on an expensive day with a stag in the sights the last thing i want on my mind is will the a-max work on this beastie!

    I certainly want to be legal, i want the right stuff and if i cannot get it in 3006 then my 243 is legal and has worked everytime for me so far.

    I am sure with all your help i will get the correct stuff, but what does an rfd ammo transfer cost? if this gets silly then it can stay in the cabinet and the 243 will do, i have plenty of 100gn's

    my thanks


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    Amax expand when they hit, they are just not designed to expand, hence they are not section 5 ammo. I use them on foxes and they are good. Have not used them on deer, though I would be happy to do so.
    The legal issue is expanding ammo required for deer, Amax is. Designed to expand, they are not.
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