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Thread: 303 martini pyrodex

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    303 martini pyrodex

    hi all does anyone no of any loads for a 303 martini with a metford barrel? been told it has to use pyrodex as nitro will burn the barrel out in 4000 ish rounds. cheers in advance for any help. Stu

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    Have a look on the CastBoolits forum


    Send an email to the bloke that runs Pukka Bundhooks (Google it)

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    Firstly to save wear on an irreplaceable barrel used cast lead bullets. Modern powders are far more kind to barrel steel than the original Cordite which was the reason they burnt out quickly. Far too much Nitro in it.

    You don't mention the ranges (distance) you wish to shoot at but may I suggest you do a web search for "The Load". I have successfully used a variation of this through a 303 bore sporting Martini:-

    On an indoor 25 yard range. To do so I worked up a reduced version of "The Load" to bring the velocity down. I was using some 205 G/C bullets I got from Colin Billet of Custom bullets many years ago.

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    Range wise it will be 100 yards plus. Not after something seriously accurate. just a bit of fun that wouldn't ruin the barrel. Can i ask what you are loading. Any help would be welcome.

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