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Thread: Triggers and safety's

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    Triggers and safety's

    So what do you guys thinks makes a good trigger?
    This is a rhetorical kind of question. Please don't turn this into a "this trigger is the best as its the most expensive bench rest trigger and I have just put one on my rifle" type thread!

    any systems preposed should have some form of quantification with it. I am after a good design intent! Not sales pitches.

    As a add on!

    ​what is the most reliable safety design too?

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    Nice light first stage, no creep

    ​Safety wise it should be pine needle proof

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    Quote Originally Posted by BunnyDoom View Post
    Nice light first stage, no creep

    ​Safety wise it should be pine needle proof

    Yeah true!
    Thanks buddy!

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    I have set triggers on my .243 and .308 I have no idea how good they are, I tried it on the range one with the .308 as nearly sh*t myself, way to dangerous for the hill.
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    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    The only thing better than a single stage trigger that breaks like glass would be one of same quality but of two stage design. (Note my avoidance of any reference to "double triggers" as frankly they have no place on a hunting rifle and are the lazy and cheaper alternative to a well engineered single.) Apparently Arnold Jewell offers a two stage unit but according to Callum Ferguson (PRS) its not in the same league as the standard offering.

    Ideally you would have the same trigger (whatever the preferred configuration) on all your rifles. Just another reason why the old saying of "beware the dude who owns but one rifle as he likely knows how to use it" has such validity.

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    The blaser trigger and safety are the best... Oh, hang on, the Accuracy International trigger and safety are the best...

    the man with one gun is likely to be carrying the wrong tool for the job.

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    Not if its a 243!
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    Dunno about triggers but the old 98/springfield wing type is probably one of the best from a safe safety aspect. You can see clearly where it is set too and there is good differentiation between the positions. However I accept all the arguments about scopes and it is slow. Just saying it is "safe".


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    In terms of safety I much prefer the safety lever to be forward for fire and rearward for safe (personal preference I guess).

    ​its the opposite way round on my cz!

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    Keep the safety away from the trigger, i.e. no button just in front of the trigger within the trigger guard.
    Hate the set trigger, very dangerous!
    I just like my Sako 75 design.

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