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Thread: Recording of your cull

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    Recording of your cull

    Hi this is more in the way of paying clients like myself and wonder do you record the days events or not.
    Me personal I like to note several things to review the process.
    This is not a poll just your own personal thought.
    Below is a guide that I work from myself that I keep as my own data base and a template as such e.g.

    Date Weather/time Species Carcass weight Shot placement Calibre/Grain Distance Type of stalk Gralloch review
    01/04/2013 AM, S/W breeze, clear visibility R/Buck 35lb Heart 308/150g 90yds Woodland All fine

    Please feel free if you use you own template to compare.

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    Not for me,I've got enough to do without that palava

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    Hi Weeman
    Cull records are paramount if you were a deer manager of woodland more important if you managed roe as they are resident, fallow, red and sika are nomatic. That said if you like to record your outings thats fine and entirely up to you. If you were a professional deer manager a more in depth detail would be required in your cull record as to sex, species, pregnant size of fetous, number of fetouses,age, abnormalalities prior to shot the list can go on and on that said it should be a tick off list that a stalker/deer manager can tick off easily.

    That said it should also be a reference to tally up with the actaual target cull list

    I hope this helps

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    If you are a regular paying client all you should keep records of who and how many you have shot for how many visits to see who is giving best value for money and you are not paying for expensive walks!

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    I record every stalking trip in a journal. I have done this religiously for many years, and I find it invaluable when I submit my annual deer management report. Might seem a bit OCD but it suits me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post are not paying for expensive walks!
    ....or expensive 'sits'......
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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    Grid ref/location is useful

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    Just fill in a journel as I'm a recreational bordering obsessive stalker according to the wife ,
    who I am stalking with
    what shot or seen
    normally that's enough for me to jog the memory bank to relive the stalk even yrs later .


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    fill in a monthly sheet to give to the laird.he needs it for his grants as he need to show he has someone on his land checking his plantation for deer damage and fence damage.
    the information i give him is
    date,species, sex,tag number,weight,shot by, shot placement,location/plantation.comments

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    Theres an App on android called Hunters Log, covers just about everything you need if you want to go the electronic route. I'm sure there are alternative for Iphones etc.


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