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Thread: Green Shooting Sticks - Special Offer

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    Green Shooting Sticks - Special Offer

    Green Shooting Sticks

    Attachment 28566

    Attachment 28565 Attachment 28567

    - Brand new

    - 100's in stock

    - Available in bi-pod or tri-pod

    - Tri-pod comes with swivel top rifle rest (SEE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM)

    - Bi-pod has a fixed rifle rest

    - Fully telescopic

    - Strap for keeping them together when carring

    - Detachable caps on the feet, so you can secure it firmly into the ground

    Attachment 28569 Attachment 28570 Attachment 28571

    - High quality - 12 MONTH GUARANTEE!

    - Measurements;

    Bi-pod: 94cm - 186cm
    Tri-pod: 87cm - 195cm

    - Price;

    BI-POD - 19.99
    TRI-POD - 29.99

    - The delivery charge is 7.99 via Parcelforce 48 courier as these are too long to send by post

    - PM me if you are interested

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    Ive been trying to find the source for the adjustable poles only, any idears.

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    We have several suppliers that deal with them. PM me with your use for them and hopefully we can help you out.

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    Thanks for PM "A1 decoy" but I dont want to be paying the full 38.00 just for the poles and I understand your supplier may not supply a small order.
    So if anyone knows a supplier please PM me, thanks.

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    I understand that. If we find any other solutions i will let you know.

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    Do they do a rotating tripod that would take a rifle with a Harris bipod fitted to it. The one pictured appears to be for a rifle without a bipod fitted.


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    Can I buy a tripod shooting stick please. Just tell what i need to do. I prefer to do paypal if i can. Thanks Bristolborn.

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    Bristolborn, please PM me and i will give you our paypal details

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