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    I replaced my steyr tactical scout with a sako 75 ss synthetic in 243. The two stage trigger on the scout was a joy to use and I would like to get one for the sako.
    Anyone know if there is such a replacement which would slip straight into the sako - timney, jewell ?
    Anyone replaced their trigger on a 75?
    Any suggestions - I prefer a two stage set up?
    Thanks for your help

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    There has been talk of Jewell making an aftermarket trigger for the 75 for a long time but, it is yet to happen.

    Timney don't do one either, the only one that I know of is from Jard inc and they are stocked by SYSS (south yorkshire shooting supplies).

    I have heard very mixed reviews for the Jard trigger but, give them a call they won't bullsxxt you.

    I think your best bet is to get used to the trigger on the Sako and stick with it. Have it adjusted to the pressure that suits you and you'll find that the 75 trigger is one of the best factory units out there.


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    I have two Mod. 75s and wouldn`t think of changing the triggers.
    Both are spot on.


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    Peter Jackson lists a replacement CG trigger unit for the 75. I have a 75 but have not felt the need to replace the trigger. I have however had to re-adjust the trigger after scaring myself half to death at how light it was after my incompetent tinkerings with same.
    Further, I have fitted CG triggers to a Finnfire Range and a Tikka 595 action. Both needed some minor filing of the trigger guard to fit but work beautifully.
    Hope this helps


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    i have sako set trigger in my 75 i love it . there is a quick turn aroud time from the factory

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    Thanks for the feed back fella's. You are right there is nothing wrong with the 75 trigger but I personally liked the feel of the scout set up better. I think I might get the trigger pull lightened as I have not touched it from new and I believe they were supplied at 3lbs?

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    before i got my set trigger, the standard trigger was breaking at 1.4 pounds.

    but i still like the set trigger breaking at 6 ozs

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