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Thread: bit of a long shot but any one need any help with fox or deer in essex

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    bit of a long shot but any one need any help with fox or deer in essex

    hi fellers as said this is a long shot, so here go's
    i'am looking to help out someone with fox and or deer ,rats etc or willing to pay 50p/max£1 per if needed. iam willing to help with your pens, feeding /water etc any time, B.a.s.c ins, i have an open cert,12g to .22 up to . 308 ,
    about me.
    53yrs wife plus one lad
    i mentor new shooters and have trained blue and green i have full respect to your land and equipment ,have own pickup, i'v been shooting since a lad. looking to spred my wings meeting new shooters.
    damaged back and new knee has forced retirement so now't to testing. can do unpaid beating (stop or loader) in return due to new vat/tax laws, just love being out.
    never done this before so be gentle with your comments please

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    Good Luck Paul , been looking around Essex for 7 months since we moved here from Herts . Put same request as you and got cart loads of abuse , you should knock on doors etc etc , like i have not been doing that . when i first moved here i had a month off and went out every day knocking on farm doors , golf couses , etc . good luck mate let me know if you have any luck .


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    thanks feller done all that you say years ago, i'v lost my land due to fellers from the smoke with lots of cash buying the shooting land out from under me but thats life !! thay say? i new one of them and helped him get his cert some years ago nevermind funny how things turn out .

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