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Thread: Stripping a Predator 8 Mod.

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    Stripping a Predator 8 Mod.

    I have a Wildcat Predator mod on my 308 and want to use it on my new 300 Blackout so a replacement bridge section and a set of compact rear tubes would do the job, if I could strip the thing!.

    I can easily remove the front section, baffles & blast shield etc. but the rear cover (with the Delrin bushing in) and existing bridge section are solid, even putting a wrench on the rear nut won't budge it! (took the paint off though!), tried soaking it in hot water as they suggest but can't get either off. Both were given a coat of copperslip grease when they were fitted and have been removed a while ago.

    Any suggestions?

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    Get it into an ultrasound bath, even just the back end of it.
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    Gave it 30mins at each end, not shifting

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    put the whole thing in a warm bath of freeing oil for a while and make sure you are ready with your clamp and grips then as soon as it's out set to ! if that fails you may need to sacrifice a part and i would recommend the rear outer tube as being the cheapest to replace?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phaedra View Post
    Gave it 30mins at each end, not shifting
    Had an ex like that too Jeff

    Try Kroil or Eds Red

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    Intrested in the reply as have same issue on both of mine.


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    im not saying do it ,,but when i struggled with my pred, i was going to hit it with a bit of heat from a paint stripper gun but it just came apart in my hand after swearing loudly at it...

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    Sorted!, heated it up in very hot water for 15 mins, dried it off and screwed it onto the rifle, that locked the bridge part and with a good bit of pressure applied to the rear can off it screwed

    You must of course remove the delrin bush as it's screwed into the internal tube which is screwed onto the bridge part so without it being removed the rear "nut" and outer tube won't come off. Turns out the rear "nut" isn't screwed on after all, just a push fit into the outer tube (and it's not screwed anywhere either) only thing keeping it on is the Delrin bush.

    I have to say it was a real pain to clean, only had 3 or 4 hundred rounds down it and the front baffle/blast shield had been cleaned but the nasty black crud that came out of the rear tubes stuck to everything!, took 3 cycles in the dish washer to get most of it out!.
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