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Thread: fox condition

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    fox condition

    Shot a fox on the chicken farm last night. His condition interests me. Please see photos below;

    Comments please
    His weight seemed normal, he was quite wary.
    I assume foxes moult like dogs and not like deer? ie gradual coat replacement

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    Looks like the RSPCA rejects we get around here sometimes...

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    looks like its recovering from mange -treated by the rspca??

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    +1 looks like mange

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    Definitely mange probably had a few weeks r&r at the expense of the RSPCA

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    Mange that's been treated....thing was better off shot when it first caught it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    +1 looks like mange
    +2 Mange

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    Here is a Fox i shot last year with the mange.

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    Id say the op was mange but we sometimes see vixens with tails like this (the stalker pic) towards the end of cub rearing as the little loves have pulled all the fur off playing with it!
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    Condition is always subjective:

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