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Thread: left hookers! .308 and .270's wanted

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    left hookers! .308 and .270's wanted

    family member is looking for a left handed sporting 308 (target mostly) and .270 (target and stalking)

    not too much in the southpaw range in the gunshops wondered what may be unloved in someone's cabinet

    No Blasers....She doesn't like them!

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    Steve Beaty, Ivythorn Sporting in Somerset has a left hand Remington BDL in .270 (on Guntrader), Looks in good nick, the price did go
    down to 400 but has gone back up, worth a haggle.
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    Does she fancy a left hooker. 17

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    Give Mike at Calton Moor Range a ring. He is witchhanded and specialises in rifles for such people.

    He might have something nice.



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    Hi, A bit heavey innt 270 ? How's about a 7x57 Heym left hand,very smooth to shoot.Scope Rings (30mm) and Sound mod included,and some ammo.

    All the best,


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