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Thread: .308 for left handed stalkers !

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    .308 for left handed stalkers !

    Hi there , whilst looking at my options of left handed rifles (always limited) I was wondering what setups the left handed community had in .308 calibre ? Make , finishes , barrel lengths etc .. I'm looking to purchase a rifle in the next few weeks and as this is an expensive and slow process I want to make the right decision . Any Information would be greatly appreciated . Cornish badger

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    Hi CB,
    have a look at the Blaser R93 or R8.
    i am left handed and find the Blaser set up suits me well.
    Left hand stock, left hand bolt.
    can add new barrels / cals.
    Can have right or left ejection bolt head !!
    R8 has detachable mag / trigger.
    Worth a look at one and see if it fits.
    Excellent accuracy after shooting it in (70-80 Shots)
    Pricey but nicey !
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    I have a tikka T3 light stainless in 308 tis a great bang stick

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    Wow , the blazer is quite a bit of kit but the tikka t3 looks like its more my pocket , reiver , any idea where there manufactured ? I think I probably will go for synthetic !

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    Tikka's are made in Finland and are part of the Beretta group of company's.


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    Thanks Bob , I'll look into them , I've been looking at a synthetic /stainless combo with savage arms , I'll look into the tikka a bit more !

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    I have little to no idea of what is what, but being left handed, and, right eye blind, look out for left handed rifles, and I thought looked like it might be worth a second look.

    I kind of feel that Krupp ought to be a good gunsmith, but can find very few English accounts of Krupp rifles...

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    Steer pike that is VERY cheap !!!! Thanks for the link , I would be interested in any reports on the rifle !

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    Quote Originally Posted by reiver View Post
    I have a tikka T3 light stainless in 308 tis a great bang stick
    Also got a left handed T3 Lite in .308 and think its a cracking rifle for what you pay and throughly enjoy shooting stuff with it, It looks basically the same as reiver's but not stainless and does not have a pink hugemongus mag - do it, get one you know you want to- they are cool.
    I have a right handed tikka in .222 its also a cracking rifle but wish I had waited and got a leftie now just to feel totally at one with it.

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    Had an early RH (don't think leftie's were catered for back then) , T3 lite-stainless in 6.5x55, It gave years of faultless service ,a great gun. I sold it to a friend and i understand its still going strong.
    Got R93 professional match in 308 win with LH action great bit of Kit. In hindsight another 6.5x55 would have suited my needs better but no big deal.

    My only Tikka gripe, was the trigger was a bit heavy compared to their cousins the Sako 75 despite adjustment. This is no longer a problem as there are lots of people doing great tikka custom parts to suit all your needs, you also have a very acceptable action for a donor rifle if you fancy a change. I think for the money the Tikka is some of the best value out there, so save the cash for the optics.

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