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Thread: A-tec maxim help

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    A-tec maxim help

    Hello. Hoping someone may be able to help or advise. I have a a-tec maxim with a 1/2 unf thread but I'm wanting to put it on a different rifle now which is m14x1. I know there's a bush inside which can be changed but after speaking to jacksons rifles they said it would be 112 which sounds very expensive to me. I've only fired 20 round through it so can't send it back. Does any have a spare swap for my 1/2, alternatively buy.i don't think in the first with this problem. Many thanks and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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    30-40 re-threading/crowning job on your rifle is your best bet, might lose 1/2" and 50fps, no harm done ;-)

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    Yep thread the rifle, or perhaps rethread the mod, can't be that hard to do. Bore out current thread and Tap 14x1 simples. Take me 20 mins!

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    See what you would get for a part exchange of yours for a new correctly threaded one or put it for a swap in the classified ads on here.

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    Remove the end bush with the 1/2" UNF thread and take it/send it to a friendly engineer who will bore it out and re-thread M14x1 for you.

    30 mins work maximum.

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