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Thread: Roe Kid Colouring

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    Roe Kid Colouring

    Hi there,

    I know there was a lot of press coverage recently of a white roe deer. I saw a light cream coloured roe doe kid this morning with its mother who was the normal reddy brown. The kid was the same colour as a Chalerois cow. It was not albino, it had black eyes. I watched them from about 30 yds for 5 minutes. I have never seen one like this before (in 15 years) and don't know if this is common elsewhere. Has anyone else seen this before or know if they change colour on second coat?


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    If you go back to page 10 in General Discussion and look at a post by foxhunter 'light coloured roe'
    (Sorry don't know how to put his picture on this post)
    It's been seen again by the farmers wife,so it seems to have survived so far.
    I think this is a similar colour to the one in sporting rifle.


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    If we didn't know better, you could be forgiven for thinking it was one of those Morphed pictures!, very white mousey!

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    I will need to look up leucistic! I will leave her and mum be and see what happens next year.

    thanks for the info


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