Well here we go, my name is Toni, married two children the normal life.
I am a member of BASC, BDS , NOBS and have also gained a DSC 1.
I have been shooting for many years mainly rabbit and fox and the odd pigeon day on a local farm, i am also a member of a self run rough shoot of about 90 acres of woodland that we introduce pheseants each year for the start of the season.
I got in to stalking through a friend of mine some time ago and have never looked back.
It's not just about taking home a piece of meat it's the whole package.
I live in the Surrey area and if any one has any suggestions for me to gain some cheap stalking that would be helpfull. I have a SGC with a 12, 20 and 410 on it and an FAC with an air rifle 30lb a .22 cz rimfire and a .243 ruger, i also reload.
I help out a friend to manage some land that he looks after and have taken a few roe off there this year but it,s only when he invites me as he normally earns money from training people so i can't blame him, i have also taken a couple of fallow this year but they are not that frequent on the land. I would like to join a group or syndicate carrying out a cull or just help out with anything deer related in Surrey, Sussex or Kent or to be honest anything thats get me outside as i can only endure so mutch TV.