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Thread: Tikka t3 leupold based

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    Tikka t3 leupold based

    As above tikka t3 leupold bases wanted


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    I have a set of Leupold Standard bases that have just come off a Tikka 595, are these the same fitting?
    (I had to shorten one mounting screw to avoid contact with the bolt).
    cheers, Tedward.

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    Ive seen some on the bay but they are in USA probs take two weeks to get here
    Leupold STD Base #54447 fits Tikka T-3/Whitetail Hunter | eBay

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    I believe the Tikka 595 was marketed as the Whitetail Hunter in the USA.
    Asking 15.00 posted for my set, - and Royal Mail should get them to you in under two weeks!
    cheers, Tedward.

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