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Thread: CZ 550 Safari Magnum 458 Lott

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    CZ 550 Safari Magnum 458 Lott

    A CZ 550 Safari Magnum in 458 Lott. Controlled round feed rifle in a potent dangerous game calibre. Sadly never made it to Africa and unlikely to in my hands. Bought brand new by me and has only fired a few rounds in play at the range. Includes a set of Hornady reloading dies around 100 cases and a few 500gn solids. 700 ono

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    Keep it man! I'm clinging onto the dream that my .375 will get to Africa at some point, bet you know when you've pulled the trigger in that one...... And I thought the .375 was a proper rifle!
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    Please check pm
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    That is one awesome calibre!

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    Much though I'd love it Old tikka, the 416 will have to do just now. As a matter of interest though, what weight is the rifle?

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