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Thread: Wolf reintroduction in the UK.

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    Wolf reintroduction in the UK.

    I confess the subject fascinates me. I’d love to see wolves (And other species reintroduced back into the UK). But is it plain fantasy? Or is it a real genuine possibility?

    What do you think? Are there suitable areas where wolves could be reintroduced. Realistically I believe the more remote parts of Scotland are the only real option. If they were, how would you feel? Would you feel safe? Would you object knowing they could be roaming on an area where you stalk? Would you be worried how they may affect your management plans? Would you be tempted to shoot one given the opportunity? And admit it! Would you expect other stalkers or farmers to shoot at one given the chance?

    Is it feasible in this day and age to reintroduce a species that has been absent for well over a century? Or are we as a species simply so arrogant that we simply won’t tolerate anything that poses a threat to our food chain?

    Do we care that it is highly likely that the wolves would choose to predate on sheep rather than deer resulting in financial loss to the farmers? Or do you feel that they receive so many subsidies anyway, it doesn’t matter to us?

    I look forward to your comments.


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    Good Morning MJ75. I have no problem with the concept of the re-introduction of a species. I am for instance in favour of allowing wild boar to continue to thrive in this country. I would however as an owner of a small flock of sheep of about 250 animals like to tell you that there is no money in sheep farming. They are very labour intensive, die at the drop of a hat, and worth about £40 after six months hard work. I would'nt mind losing a few to wolves as long as those that wanted to re-introduce them were happy to compensate for it. (it would'nt cost much)

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    Mixed views - I'm still waiting for one of the reintroduction supporters to prove that wolves would rather chase fit, fast moving deer rather than slow, stupid, easy to catch wooly maggots.

    I think I know the answer, mind. Which is the main reason that man decided to eradicate wolves from this country in the first place.

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    I think it's quite certain that a wolf pack would choose to run down a 10mph sheep rather than a 30mph deer!

    I also think that a compensation scheme for sheep farmers would be a must. How you stop it from being abused I don't know. Nor do I know how much work the sheep farmers would be prepared to do in order to claim compensation?

    SSGPIV I understand what you're saying. I wonder if other farmers would be as understanding as yourself?

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    Wolf Reintroduction

    MJ75, Sorry to throw my spanner in. My feelings are that If we don't have it we don't need it. Boar are already here and probably to stay, but Wolves Beaver and Bear, why? A slaughter house is a pretty horrible place to end life but IMHO probably better than being torn to bits.

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    These questions are being asked by a number of people in a corner of Scotland. Although I am not involved with any schemes, I can infrom you that one of my major leases backs right up to and borders a certain estate in Sutherland Scotland,that is owned by Mr Lister, who has been in the news over the last few years regarding his plans to re introduce extinct animals back to the UK, including the re introduction of Wolves to the Highlands.

    The idea that Wolves will roam freely across the Highlands and other remote areas of the UK is to me a romantic vision. The last Wolf was killed near Brora in Scotland about 1780 or thereabouts I think. In this small and over populated country there is not the room for packs of Wolves to roam freely. Many Scottish Estates are fenced off from each other, sheep and other livestock are in greater numbers where they ever used to be many years ago, and outdoor pursuits with people walking, mountain biking etc are common place. plus in Scotland they have the right to roam.

    Even the estate in question has still to get permission to release Wolves. I was present at one of the first open meetings to take place on the estate. A discussion took place in which the estate proposed fencing the entire estate. This bought in the question of access and the right to roam? plus on a 22,000 plus acre estate rising to 3000ft it would cost a fortune to ring fence the entire area. One of the panel from South Africa ran a fenced area which had Lions introduced to it, and he tried to convince the gathering of local shepherds, crofters, stalkers etc that they had never had any escapees. I pointed out to the gentleman that may be the case, but for a few schillings a week local people would patrol the fence and make good repairs, whilst up in the highlands the terrain did not make this easy and unlike South Africa you do not get 6ft snow drifts aginst a fence at 3000ft, which would enable the Wolves or nay other creature access to the outside world!!
    Ahh replied we intend on radio collar them!! Hmmm said I, I am sure that makes everyone here happy knowing where the pack of Wolves are whilst there flock is being eaten.

    I am very much in favour of re introducing European Beaver and I know there are pilot schemes already underway in the UK, and other worthy projects such as Capercaille and Black Grouse, plus re planting of native Caledonian forest trees. Wolves NO, as much as I would like to see them back, the UK has now too many people, traffic and roads to cope with wolves running around. can you imagine the publics reaction when told that Wolves were running wild in the local countryside? the compensation payed to farmers who are already struggling.

    As much as I like Wolves and think they are magnificent animals, I do not think trying to turn the clock back and re introduce them into the UK is a good and worthwhile idea. The money could be Better spent protecting what we have got left.

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    I'm with Malc. Much as I would love to see them.

    Before van Vlissingen died there was talk of wolves on Letterewe too. Even though this area is huge, as soon as they create a food vacuum, they'd be on the move and a days smart trot takes them to much more sheep ridden areas.

    Did I read somehwere that Mr Lister has taken delivery of the first Eurpean Elk (Alces alces)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew
    I'm with Malc. Much as I would love to see them.

    Before van Vlissingen died there was talk of wolves on Letterewe too. Even though this area is huge, as soon as they create a food vacuum, they'd be on the move and a days smart trot takes them to much more sheep ridden areas.

    Did I read somehwere that Mr Lister has taken delivery of the first Eurpean Elk (Alces alces)?
    Is a "European Elk" also known as a moose in North America? I believe North American Elk are the same species as our red deer?


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    Yep, moose in North America, Elk/Alg in Europe. That's why the scientific name is so important, it saves any confusion.

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    wolves back in the wilds of scotland again
    atleast it would be another species to hunt
    yes it might be exciting to reintroduce wolves but the devastation it could cause to sheep farmers, our ever decreasing population of capercailie .
    like all caged or fenced in mammals/animals they will escape but do we really need a wolf left to manage our deer when there are so many stalkers out there willing to pay for the oppurtunity that the wolf will get for free that does not seem fair

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