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Thread: bed time reading

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    bed time reading

    This link will take you to the report from my Norway trip in the spring

    It might take a while to download.

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    I`ll look forward to reading it.

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    I enjoyed reading that bambislayer. What a fantastic experience and opportunity. It taught me a great deal whilst reading through it all. Have any of you on that trip started in anyway to roll out your findings and the links between Norway and Scotland?


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    A fascinating read, many thanks for putting into the public domain.

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    Nice read, we will have a limited licenced hunt for wolf here in Sweden this winter. The goverment has at last listened to the people who are plagued by wolf in some areas in Sweden. I was on a course for tracking wounded deer last weekend on the estate where they the course was held 34 sheep were killed by wolf the night before the course . That will change the view of some of the wolf huggers in the area. I'm sure we can send the wolf to Scotland if you would like some The goverment said they would be happy with 1000 bears but now its recond there are over 3000 with a cull this year of a little over 300.
    Just here on my ground the black grouse have increased but had no luck hunting them with the spaniel also saw my first Järpen (willow grouse) this year so i hope they will increase here as well.

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    I can vouch for the forestry management techniques, when flying over Norway the forest is akin to a grouse moor in appearance, with small areas of clearfell and other limited areas under various levels of regeneration. The overall appearance is similiar to the patchwork quilt look of our own upland heather moors.

    After working here for a little under a year now I think I can say a few things, Norway is big, it has alot of trees, it has even more bare open ground, and not a great deal of people especially inland. Most of the guys I work with either hunt themselves or are sympathetic with hunting, it is a core part of their culture. Oh, and they hate wolves, particularly for their habit of killing dogs, and think they suffer from the opinions and legistlation of an urban based minority with regards to wolves.

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    Many thanks for your comments

    As you will have read , we all come from varied backgrounds, but we have in one way or another worked or come across each other in the past. As well as this in one way or another we have some voice within Government working groups, quango's or larger charities /orgs, because of this we hope to desciminate our findings to all our peers/colegues.

    I thought that this forum might be a good patform to put our findings and opinions out , these are our opinions so I would like to hear from anyone who doesn't agree with them, particularily anyone in or having experience of Norway or scandinavia.

    One thing that struck me was that we all came to the same conclusions both from Norway and Scotland which does give me some hope.

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