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Thread: Removing unnecessary conditions on Firearms Certificates

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    Removing unnecessary conditions on Firearms Certificates

    In a bid to reduce bureaucracy and save money in the firearms licensing process, guidance to police forces across England and Wales to remove unnecessary conditions on Firearms Certificates (FAC) have been announced this week.

    In a letter to Chief Police Officers, Chief Constable Andy Marsh, the lead in firearms licensing issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), has urged police forces to simplify the restrictive conditions placed on FACs.

    The letter advises forces that the condition of 'Any Other Lawful Quarry (AOLQ)' is added to certificates to simplify the multiple conditions that can appear on FACs. In addition, the use of mentoring conditions is to be discouraged, Marsh adding that: "The shooting community would like to see the removal of this condition and I do agree. The use of the condition is not proportionate to the associated costs or, in my view, to promoting or protecting public safety. As a comparative analogy to other business areas, we would not seek to place unenforceable bail conditions."

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    Hope this is as good as it sounds!

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    Being done in LEGAL ISSUES this makes me happy but cautious that without some compulsory training/mentoring for new shooters on live quarry it's only a matter of time before something goes wrong and we are playing catch up defending our sport wouldn't it be better to be proactive and devise something that ensures that new FAC holders who have land permission but no idea don't bring us into disrepute. Possibly a live quarry test or course showing shot placement, grollaching, hygiene, safety, & the basics, before being let loose.(unless experience can be shown)

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    Good of you to pick up on this one, however David from BASC & other contributors had perviously alerted the site to this sensible approach, but as ever, i is better to have the same information twice, rather than have no information at all, well done you

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    I don't have any conditions
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