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Thread: Browning A-bolt tactical/varmint .308

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    Browning A-bolt tactical/varmint .308

    hi all,

    im after some advice and feedback if possible,

    im looking at a multi purpose rifle for stalking/target in .308 (im not a hardcore target person, more like someone that enjoys a day at the range).
    After reading the review in shooting sports magazine about the double duty A-bolt tactical/varmint (22in heavy fluted barrel with a b&c stock) they said that this rifle could be used for both scenarios.

    has anybody got any feedback on this?

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    thanks in advance


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    If you do not intend to rebarrel in the foreseeable future, or intend to leave it as is without any mods, the rifle (as I understand it) is quite good. I only have the smaller version (micro-hunter), but have heard getting parts or after market parts can be problematic as well as rebarreling. That being siad, most who I know own them state that they have never had a need to rebarrel or add bits and bobs to them...


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    I own an A-bolt in 7-08. It was my first stalking rifle which I have had re-barreled by Steve Kershaw without issue. So it can be done. I fitted a McMillan stock and Egw scope rail.

    I really rate the action. 60 degree bolt throw with 3 locking lugs feels nice and solid in operation. I fitted a Timmney trigger spring that was well over priced. The trigger now breaks like a glass rod at an acceptable hunting weight.

    There are no magazine upgrades available. So you will be stuck with the factory supplied unit. It works well and it is secure you won't loose it whilst out stalking.

    Would I do all that again. No. I learnt the hard way.

    I have handled the model you are referring too all be it in .223. It was very heavy even with the fluted barrel. I would not wish to drag it out into the field stalking. I personally hated the rubber Finnish to the stock. It does have the aluminium bedding block which is a nice touch.

    I own a couple of full custom rifles based on remmington clones. I have owned a Sako TRG 22. I also now own a Tikka T3 Varmint in .308 standard blued model, if I only had one rifle this would be it. Admittedly I have it in an aftermarket stock now but even without this it was exceptional.

    Even the with the varmint weight 20" barrel it balances well even with a muzzle mounted moderator. It comes factory threaded. The intergrated dovetail allows the use of sako optilock rings which are great quality. I would go for the one piece optilock, these are not that well know for some reason. But keep interfaces to a minimum. The 5 shot magazine works well and will allow fast changes at the range if required. There are after market options that allow the use of higher capacity magazines if required for competition use. (No need for stalking!)

    The 2 lug action is butter smooth and utilises a 75 degree bolt throw.

    The trigger can be adjusted without the need for aftermarket parts or if you really want a new sling can be had for 5.

    All this for 700 or thereabouts on gun trader.
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    My A-Bolt in .308 is the 'regular' hunting rifle. I have used it in Altcar for up to 1000 yards target shooting without any problems whatsoever. It goes without saying that for stalking it has been superb...

    I have not done anything to the rifle, it is all as it came from stock. Fluted barrel, light, extremely accurate.
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