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Thread: CIC UK on facebook

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    CIC UK on facebook

    SD members,

    For those who have a Facebook profile and would be interested, CICUK now have a Facebook page under the title CIC Trophy Measuring. The purpose of the page is to keep interested parties upto date wich current trophy measurements including trophy pictures. We will also be posting photos from the extensive cic archive and using the page to advertise the show dates that we will be attending each year. General measuring news and info relevant to UK stalkers will also be provided.

    Please like and share our page with any fb friends who would be interested.

    Many thanks,

    Chris Rogers.

    On behalf of CICUK

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    I've just 'shared' the link on our Facebook page to make it more visible


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    I feel that is the CIC were trying to reach a group of people to inform them of new ideas show and systems etc then this would be the place. Face book is certainly not for every one and what better place to reach an audience that is 90% deer stalkers.

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    liked it too,
    FB is a very powerful tool for getting your message out there.

    I use facebook for our tracking group and we have world wide membership and the good thing is there ne hiding behind avarters, you are who you are.....!!!!

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    Love to have a look but I'm not allowed on Facebook


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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Love to have a look but I'm not allowed on Facebook

    I know that feeling mate! I just get shown glimpses of pictures of deer! Can't really grumble, I probably waste as much time on here as my girlfriend does on Facebook.

    Are you going calf tagging?


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    No mate missed last year as well ,long way and we are flat out mowing .the Facebook was always more trouble than it was worth in the end I ditched it apparently it is responsible for endless marriage breakups abit like stalking really
    Ps ref tagging :got fed up with being on the telly I can't handle being recognised all the time like chriseoe lol
    Last edited by norma 308; 24-05-2013 at 20:40.

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    Thanks for the great support guys, seems a very good number of sd members are active on Facebook, keep liking and sharing to help us reach like minded people!


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    I like the new FB page. Always great to see different trophies and not all gold too. But please can you put on more international stuff.

    ATB George

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