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Thread: Am I barking?

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    Am I barking?

    I have a German Shepherd bitch 3 years old and I have been thinking of training her as a Deer Dog as she loves finding things (mostly tennis balls in the long grass). I am not sure that given the chance she wouldn't run down a deer given the opportunity so I was wondering how I should start with training.

    Alternatively my wife has been offered an 18 month old Black Lab which might make a better Deer dog and companion for the GSD.

    ​Am I barking mad to consider either options?

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    Clearly I am barking and you are all too polite!

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    Pro stalker Mate has a gsd as his deer dog but trained from a pup ,wouldn't say yr too late but better from a young age .we have two gsd same age as yrs .pm me if you want more info .

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