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Thread: 270 nickle plated cases

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    270 nickle plated cases

    Need some 270 cases and saw nickle plated ones as well on offer, not that much dearer. I know their supposed to make ejection slicker etc, but after reloading several times does the plating lift, crack, or seperate when resized or trimed to length when the brass is exposed. Are there any REAL benifits or is it just cosmetic and can they be reloaded as many times as ordernary brass cases. Anyone out there wants to sell some, must be reasonable quantity, up to 200 etc, all one brand. deerwarden

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    The benefit of nickel cases is that they stay shinier longer in the box on the dealer's shelf! No...really! Or if carried in a gun belt or revolver quickloader. Especially in a humid or muggy climate.

    That is why originally they came about and were (and are) extensively used for 38 Special and 357 Magnum revolver ammunition for that reason when American police were more often than not armed with a Smith and Wesson Model 10 or Model 13.

    Now. As to longevity I don't know. Certainly in revolver calibre they had a reputation for the cases mouths splitting far earlier than did brass cases. Some theory about the nickel plating "hardening" the brass beneath when it was applied. Sometimes after only five or ten reloads.

    They were certainly EASIER to wipe clean with a cloth than any brass cases ever was. Dirt just seemed to wipe off.

    Does it peel or lift when resizing? Never not in my experience in revolver calibre. Regardless of the power of the load or the number of times reloaded. But did they "score" more if the reloading dies were dirty? Well they seemed to.

    My verdict? They are great for making drill rounds from IF all your live rounds use brass cases. Would I use them to shoot with? If they were cheap then yes.

    Would I specifically buy nickel cases if I could get brass cases for the same price? No not ever. And you will pretty much find 100% agreement with that from anyone who ever had and reloaded for a 38 Special or 357 Magnum revolver.

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    I use Nickel cases with two of my rifles, they tend not to need resizing so often and they do eject smoothly.

    However i heard they can scrap the back of the bullet head when being seated into the case, so i checked this out by pulling a couple of my homeloads and this is true the jacket of the bullet had been scuffed from the boatail upwards but i bought a K@N chamfer tool which puts a more gradual chamfer than the conventional chamfering tools into the neck of the case and it rectified the situation.

    Are they any better than brass? Not really just look good especially with Combined Tech Black bullet heads!

    Hope this helps

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    when i had my .243 i gave a few a try and i wouldnt bother mate as already stated the necks seem to crack very quickly maybe only after 3 or 4 reloads

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    270 nickle plated cases

    Deerwarden, I have some .243 nickle plated cases. Have had the same probs as Howabout and sir-lamp. i.e. shards of copper if you don't shamfer and cracked neck on some after 4 re-loads.

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    Nickle cases

    Thanks for the replies, I noticed that my mate bought some premiun rounds to Africa last year and they were plated, looked very nice, and VERY expensive. Midway are doeing them about 3 dearer but I'll stick to Brass, clean my cases with Brasso and they seem to stay bright for a long time, thanks for the imput, deerwarden

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    270 nickle plated cases

    Deerwarden, Avoid using Brasso on your cases (I have mentioned this on another thread). It contains Ammonia and this can cause minute cracks between the grain boundaries between the copper and zinc. It is fine on your knockers (door type) but probably not on your cases.

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    It is fine on your knockers (door type) but probably not on your cases.

    Oh no! Wasn't there something similar in a Peter Cook and Dudley Moore rountine?

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