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Thread: Drag kit - what works best for you?

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    Drag kit - what works best for you?

    To date I've shot Roe amd I'm happy carrying them off the hill in a sack. I'm moving on to more red and want some drag kit. What do you suggest? 2m of 7mm rope and a swivel? Some webbing?

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    Or just a big strong buddy! but you can't fault the old seat belt webbing, rolls up smaller than rope for the same length.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Just a short length of rope, and stick walking stick is fine if you use one, keep the rope short so that you actually lift the head clear of the ground when dragging, makes it a lot easier.
    If hill stalking be very careful about using any sort of harness, as on steep ground the beast can take off and end up dragging you with it, which can and has caused serious injury especially with stags where you can become impaled on an antler,far better to use a short rope or piece of webbing that you can quickly let go of.
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    With out a doubt if your working with reds the Jet Sled is one of the best investments I have made in a long time get it in large size it will make hauling out a lot easier than just dragging the carcase across the ground works well even on rough hilly places, and keeps contamination to a minimum.

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    We assume you have to carry your stuff in your roe sack
    so sledges bikes trolleys are out

    Field dress and prepare as for larder
    removing head and feet
    wrap in tarp or strong polythene to keep clean, tie up neatly
    drag with rope webbing attached to 2ft rounded handle
    resting frequently if you have a weak heart
    dont shoot a red in a hollow or valley
    stop shooting reds when you reach 65

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    Red dress, c cup bra, thong, high heals just speculating like, never tried it personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    Red dress, c cup bra, thong, high heals just speculating like, never tried it personally.
    Isn't it funny, in our world it's perfectly acceptable to combine the words "stalk" and "drag" in a sentence
    Some call it stalking, I call it courting.

    To the OP. hash=item1c30d0a157
    A mate bought a bulk roll of 20 or 25mm polypropylene and it's easily the best stuff I've ever used, tie a loop at both ends and singe it.
    Threads nicely through sticks, strong and doesn't cut my delicate office working hands.

    As Bob said, think before shooting. Having been involved in dragging a fatbast**rd Stag half a mile up a hill through a regen and hoiking it over the 6ft deer fence it's certainly a lesson one keeps in mind.

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    Whatever you use and in keeping with the p taking in some of the posts keep it pink or yellow or some other embarrassing colour. I knock up nicely spliced drag ropes out of soft sailing rope and none of my friends have the decency to return the numerous ones they have 'borrowed' off me !!
    I use a stout pair of wooden stalking sticks so that they can be slipped through the loops on the drag rope and held by one or two people.


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    Odin pm me your addy ive some climbing webbing straps an some carabiners ill send you ,free dont climb no more a kept breaking things ,feet,hands etc.stuart.

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