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Thread: Whats in your bag?

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    Whats in your bag?

    Whats in your waist bag/backpack other bag when you are out stalking?

    ​Do you need it all?

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    dont carry a bag

    i only take rifle, ammo, sticks, binos and my knife/mobile phone and a few plastic gloves in my pocket thats it

    less is more

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    It's empty when I go out
    A roe or two on the way back if I'm lucky
    Pockets - knife, gloves, basic first aid kit, phone, head torch.

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    Spare knife nitro gloves stalkers mate probe wipes small cable ties

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    I don't carry a bag. I hate lugging around too much guff. Knife on my belt, ammo and Gralloching gloves in my pocket, binoculars around my neck and rifle over my shoulder.

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    Roe sack is essential for me as on the land I shoot its my primary means of recovery for the carcass. Personally I use a classic german canvas sack to minimise weight and noise. As per the others it contains, gralloching gloves, basic first aid kit, head torch, spare stalking gloves and knife + one of the most useful bits of kit to have on hand my buttalo call. Tried the harikla sack once too heavy and covered in lots of straps etc which to me were only useful if you like getting tied up in a hedgerow etc and let the deer know you are there.

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    If it doesn't fit in my pockets or on my belt (excluding rifle and bino's) then it's not coming with me !

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    Bog roll
    examination gloves
    Offal bags
    10 rounds in wallet
    Mobile phone
    Copy of permission
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