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Thread: Quad bike insurance

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    Quad bike insurance

    Can anybody recommend a company for insuring a quad against theft and accidental damage, used for carcass extraction on a leisure basis.

    Thanks in advance, Lee

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    Maybe try the N.F.U. ? Steve.

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    Let me know if you find a company that will insure for off road use please. As yet I have not found anyone that is reasonable. NFU did not want to know last time I spoke with them.


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    quad bike insurance

    Im insured with nfu and if your machine is regestered as an agricultural machine ie a tractor it will cost you about 80quid a year thats what it costs me to use it on the road and of it, if you are doin some contract work you are supposed to tell them and they may charge you a bit more i have a honda foreman and its regestered as agricultural machine and you dont have to pay for road tax either.

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    Thought as much! N.F.U. tend to be called no f***ing use round here but some of the staff know what's what!

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    I'm the same as 243Fallow, registered agricultural machine insured with NFU for deer management purposes @ 80 per year.


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    I also have a Honda Foreman insured with NFU but I'm paying over 200 a year ............................. think Ill be calling NFU later this morning !

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    Not all NFU offices are the same! Shop around and don't worry if your cheapest quote from NFU is nowhere near you, it does not matter. I have had different quotes from different offices!

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    Hmmm well we have just reinsured the estate and museum through the NFU and I am not over impressed by their performance, still awaiting the employers liability notice after asking for about 6 times, let alone the policy received with several cock ups on it so thats gone back

    Will tackle them about the agricultural tool aspect as last time they quoted me miserably


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    I called NFU today and asked why I was paying over 200 for my ATV insurance and I'd heard that other people were getting it for 80. Their reply was that all quotes come from a central computer so there must be some difference in the cover provided.

    My insurance is for road use and it's registered as tractor policy so I'm at a loss. Does the value of the machine make a difference as I have a Honda 500cc automatic which is just 2 years old -Any thoughts ?

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