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Thread: a big lad

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    a big lad

    now we are nearing the end of the buck season i am busy culling on land i'm not likley to get on with a client.
    monday night i bumped into an old friend.
    recon on 4 occasions i found him the night before a clients arrival.
    the day after stalking in anger you guessed no show
    so i made my mind up if hes there tonight bang.
    cutting to the chase he was.
    the rest is history.
    always showing on dark i new he was good but not this good.
    cleaning him off and comparing him with a bronze and a silver hes well up there

    with bronze

    with silver

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    I shot this one earlier this year BEFORE the Rut!
    Bloody shame really and I was quite gutted to have made such a blunder. It was very poor light in a place where I pretty much have to shoot stuff when I see it. I think it strayed onto my side from my neighbours whilst he was spraying his game crops ! (No it wasn't one of yours Deerwarden, it was miles from there!) . I'm not into the trophy thing at all but have kept this one as it is fantastic. It is rare to get anywhere a medal head in Suffolk so this one is quite exceptional! Haven't had it measured yet but going by rough guidelines it is just into the gold bracket. It is perfectly symetrical too! I suppose we are entitled to a good one occasionally but I would not have shot this one if I could wind back the clock!

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