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Thread: love it!

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    love it!

    So, I'm pottering about in search of foxes at a small farm near me when I get a text from the Mrs...

    "What is the sixth. Red roe fallow muntjax Chinese"

    Love it...she's in London with her girly mates...and she's educating them about deer.

    Even better, 20 minutes later she texts me again telling me she's now chatting to a chap who stalks in the forest of Dean...I should have maybe gone with her!

    However, if I'd have gone I wouldn't have nailed a fox this eve, which will please the farmer but I also wouldn't have spent the last 5 minutes typing this with with a bunny no more than 3 feet away. Its just stamped its feet in disgust and run off because I looked at must have been a female!

    Right, can I find another fox before the light goes....


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    Sounds like your out hunting and the Mrs is being stalked!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lampwick View Post
    Sounds like your out hunting and the Mrs is being stalked!
    Ha ha, quite possibly but she assures me he was "a grandpa", so I think (hope ) I'll be ok!

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