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Thread: biggest buck to date

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    biggest buck to date

    evening guys just thought id do a quick write up, yesterday morning saw me getting up to go have a look at my local stalking ground. after a quick drive round as it was just coming light to see what was about, any way after only seeing a few does looking as if they were about to drop there young i decided to go sit out on a hill side on a wood where iv seen some fresh fraying last week, as there was a strong cold wind and this wood was quite sheltered i figured i was in with a good chance of seeing a buck. after 40min on only seeing one doe i was just about to move off and have a stalk trough the wood when i spotted a buck walking down the fence line 110yds in front. the buck decided to stand browsing an ash tree and the only shot posible was a neck shot so after a lot of should i or should i wait for a better shot i decided to go for it. any way buck went down after a few min i headed over to the buck where i could instantly tell it was a good buck.

    so after sorting the messy job out i caryed the buck back to the truck and headed off back to the larder. as ai could tell it had a good body weight to it i decided to put it on the scales and my guess was wright 20kg larder weight.

    here he is with the other two bucks iv had this week.

    so today i set to sorting the head out boiling and cleaning off, the head has a good weight ot it with thick cornets with a wet weight of 550g its looking like it could make a bronze depending how much it loses once dry so we will see in 90days time

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    Congratulations, nice buck!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Lovely Buck mate, well done.

    Alba gu brąth

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    ​Nice buck!

    Personal preference but nice to see a carcass in the larder with its rib cage intact, always looks so much neater to me! A very tidy job:-)



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    Nice buck there fella hope it does a medal for you, DF

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    lovely Buck,excellent shot placement, personally I prefer neck shots as it leaves a clean cavity i know its a bit of a discussion point but if your confident with the shot at the time it provides a clean kill.Well done

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    Quote Originally Posted by russ91 View Post
    .... decided to put it on the scales and my guess was wright 20kg larder weight...
    Nice bucks. Surely larder weight is head and all four legs off, ready for the game dealer? Regards JCS

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    Head is off for larder weight but we leave front legs on so the can be skined on the electric skinning rack

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    Thats a cracking buck there well done.

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