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Thread: browning x bolt

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    browning x bolt

    has any 1 got the x bolt in 243 and if so do u rate them?

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    looked at one at the midland ,felt better to me than a t3 ,comes threaded as well nice trigger .stock seems stiffer.

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    i handeled an A-bolt .223 and it was very nice and had a true short action a beautiful compact rifle qaulity is right up there with sako in my opinion
    you wont go wrong with a browning

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    I was looking at one yesterday, very impressed with it, if they did it in 6.5X55 I would have one.


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    The only one I have handled was in 30-06 and that was very good quality. I would say finish wise it was up there with the older Sakos. the new 85s being 'not very good'.



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    Hi bud i remember about a month ago that Yorkguns were offering a combo deal on this rifle included s+b 8x56 (hungarion) scope with mounts rifle slip & i'm sure along with other acceseries for about 1.100 ill check for you hope this is some use to you.

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    Yorkguns have one in X-Bolt in 243 stainless barrel with s+b 8x56 (hungarin) 21inch barrel leaupold quick release rings etc. with cleaning kit for scope & gun slip, factory screw cut.
    They quoted 1.239 that's with out haggle in. Hope this helps.

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    bought one from swillington supplies leeds ,more than pleased with it shooting 100g norma sp under an inch 125 yards

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