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Thread: Indoor whelping pen

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    Indoor whelping pen

    As title says, I am hoping to whelp my cocker bitch in the house, due to dog thefts etc. any of you good s d members got any recommendation - hundreds on amazon. Cheers in advance

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    If your pretty handy doing a bit of DIY I would recommend building one yourself, its usually miles cheaper that a bought one. An 8ft x 4ft sheet of quarter ply is roughy 15-18 depending on your supplier plus some little right angle brackets and screws. You can get four sides, a floor, and a drop in 'gate' out of the one sheet. If you put it together with screws it can be easily taken down, and stored after the litter has long gone. I would also recommend a puppy pen attachment for when the pups become mobile (I have no connection to this company or website, its just where I bought mine).

    I also have a pet heat mat which covers half the floor space in the whelping box, it only costs 5 pence in electricity per day. (I don't like heat lamps because of the horror stories you hear about bulbs smashing which has left the pups covered in glass)

    A piece of lino flooring, the same size as the whelping box floor is put on top of the heat mat so stop the pups getting to it but also it stops the urine and faeces soaking into the wooden floor. It can be taken out and easily cleaned.

    Here's a photo of my usual set up, the 'gate' on the whelping box is taken off once the pups are large enough to walk confidently.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hope this helps, Woollyback

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    My bitch whelped two litters in a kids inflatable paddling pool in a home made pen in my outhouse, heat lamp suspended over it. The paddling pool nwas easy to clean and did the job perfectly.

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    I made mine, better than anything you can buy. It currently has a litter of 6 in it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Thanks for the feedback guys, some very good ideas

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