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Thread: Hunter from Down Under

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    Hunter from Down Under

    Gday All

    As the title suggests, I am from Australia and heading to the UK in December for 6 weeks. I will be in Ireland visiting family for probably 2-3 weeks, doing a small tour around Europe for 2 weeks and then free the remaining. My plans however are fairly loose at this stage.

    I am fairly keen on getting out for a couple days hunting targetting deer that we do not take here in Australia. Having done a little research the Roe and Sika Deer look interesting. I would prefer stags over the does if possible, but I'm not too sure on the seasons you guys have. There seems to be conflicting websites as to species and their seasons.

    If someone would like to point me in the right direction of the people to speak to to organise this, that would be much appreciated.

    Down here in Australia (I'm from Sydney) we mainly take pigs (boars), deer (fallow mainly in NSW), goats, rabbits, foxes etc. We usually hunt on private properties and state forrests anywhere from 2-10 hours from Sydney in various places in NSW.



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    sorry I'm not personally able to offer you some sport since my land is not very large. For the definative information on British deer I would suggest Googling 'British Deer Society'. Some folk love the Society and others can't stand it since it is primarily an animal welfare charity, but it's members are 70% deer stalkers and it will quote you U.K law and seasons and provide you with clear info' on the various specis we have on our quarry list.
    I hope you enjoy your time over here,
    regards, Longlowdog

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    Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated. Will definetly check it out.


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    I have replied to your PM - welcome to the site & thanks for your interest.



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    Welcome from 'down under', but more west: South Africa

    Welcome. I do hope that you get a nice hunt arranged for your holiday.

    In good hunting.

    Andrew McLaren

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