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Thread: 6 weeks in New Zealand

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    6 weeks in New Zealand

    I recently spent six week in New Zealand, mostly hunting.

    I've just finished putting this compilation video of the highlights together. If you have a spare 20 minutes free I thought some of you might like it!

    If you only have ten minutes spare you might like the Chamois one:

    Or you might not want to watch either. Good luck.


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    that was so nice to watch on this sunday morning out in the sun with a glass and me laptop
    thanks very nicely done

    like the show say's wished i was there

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    Brilliant thanks for sharing them...
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    Excellent, and brilliant sound tracks aswell.

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    Land of the long white cloud, NZ, One of my favourite places on earth, and not just the scenery, but the people too.

    Awesome videos. Looks like you had a great 6 weeks. Thanks for sharing and bringing back a few good memories of my trip over there, which was too long ago. Will have to talk to the boss about the next British Lions tour over there. Perhaps tag a few 'walks' onto it...


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    Quote Originally Posted by si_b1979 View Post
    NZ, One of my favourite places on earth, and not just the scenery, but the people too.
    I couldn't agree more! I had a great time. Was my fourth trip to NZ. I really must either stop going or move out there. The bank balance doesn't agree with my current methods!

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    Great video pal
    Hunting isn't just something I do it's part of who I am

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    Looks like quite the trip, good effort.



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    Great video, certainly not a shortage of Chamois!

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    Nice one Tree horse cant beat NZ for hunting and adventure im proper jealous!!

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