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Thread: can anyone recommend me a guide in central scotland

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    can anyone recommend me a guide in central scotland

    I have never bought a days stalking before always lucky enough to have stalking within my pheasant syndicates, but i fancy buying a day for myself and granddad for a change of scenary. Does anyone recommend any stalkers/guides in the central scotland area? Not looking for anything fancy, a cull buck would be ideal, (we have our own rifles .222 & .243) thanks marksp

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    hang around mark one will come along soon
    plenty of will chaps on here

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    im hoping so mate

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    Mark Robson on here is very knowledgeable and successful, he would be my choice if I was looking for a guide in central Scotland. DF

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    Come a little further south to the Galloway Hills and stalk with Solwaystalker, scenary is something else. Colin (aka) solwaystalker is a top bloke you can PM him on here.

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    Colin all the way. Get out with colin regularly and produced the goods every time. Was out bankholiday monday in appalling conditions and he still managed to find my brother a lovely 6 pointer

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    Red dot, would that be "wee Alec Williamson"?

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