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Thread: Rangie dog fox

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    Rangie dog fox

    I was out the other night with the stalker on the estate I am working on. We were glassing a clearfell site looking for a Roe Buck, this was the last place we were going to try as it was getting late on and not worth moving onto another plantation. Anyway, after some more glassing, my mate spotted a fox mousing along the grass boundary next to clearing. We hadn't seen any deer moving and it was getting late so decided to have a go. We ranged it at 425 yards as it started to work its way out across the clearfell. I checked my ballistic table, jumped out the vehicle and got across the bonnet. I dialed 6.25 MOA into my IOR scope and got onto the fox. He was working very slowly and stopping quite frequently so I waited and Boom!!!! Dropped on the spot. The .277 110 gr VMAX smacked him about 2 inches to the right of where i was aiming, but still taking out all the vitals! I was over the moon, I have had a few shots at a 600 yard steel plate, but other than that this is the furthest shot I have taken at any thing and it was almost perfect!

    Thanks for reading

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    Top shot pal!

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    Thought this thread was going to read mangie dog fox ! Not a lot of mange on him but very dead !

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    It's very satisfying to know you can deliver bad news from such distance with accuracy,... well done Sir!.
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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Thought this thread was going to read mangie dog fox ! Not a lot of mange on him but very dead !
    No he was in very good condition actually, a fairly small dog fox though!

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    Good shot sir . he is small makes an even better shot

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    As has been said top shot well done
    ​regards pete

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    That is some good shooting! Nice one!



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    nice shot sir

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