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Thread: wanted extended mag & kit for steyr

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    wanted extended mag & kit for steyr

    as it says looking for a extended mag and kit for steyr pro hunter stock. but think the same one fits all steyr stocks.

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    The only people I know with them is the Sportsman Gun Centre in Exeter, Devon.
    But be prepaired to have to sell a kidney or small child!

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    Perhaps I should have charged a bit more for the one I just sold then lol !
    Keep yr eyes out guys got mine off the flea bay .

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    sportsman just quoted me 195 for mag and extension!!!

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    Last year's (2012) price list gives the SRP of the HC-kit as €76 and the 7- or 10-round magazines as €86 each. Granted, they may have gone up a bit for 2013 but €162 comes out at around 138.50. Add VAT and you're not all that far off what the Sportsman are asking.

    Frankonia list it at €196, but I'm not sure they ship to the UK.
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    Got one second hand but in case anyone else is looking for one there 96 for the whole kit and mag.

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    thats from america

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