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    Took a close chum out on Friday evening on a piece of my ground near Alford. After a spectacular days weather - the first blue sky and sun all day for, well months it was a pleasure to be out. We saw plenty of deer and had four different stalks but, sadly, not successful in getting a shot off. But hey ho, that's stalking for you. But what made our evening was seeing newly born twin kids with their doe as we drove down the track on our way home. The first kids this year. Surely that's what stalking is all about, seeing deer and wildlife.We heard a cuckoo and saw a lovely display of Primroses and the wild garlic is just about to flower

    My chum had a most enjoyable evening and will be out with me once more next week and perhaps, this time our luck will be with us and he may get a shot.

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    Don't you just love the smell of wild garlic,always makes me feel hungry,my mate and I saw a fawn last Tuesday?

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