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Thread: Interesting Conversation

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    Interesting Conversation

    I have been shooting since the age of 7 been stalking for 20 years DSC 1&2 One day I thoughI would like to become an accredited witness to put something back into shooting. So I ring DMQ this is how the conversation went. ME Hello I have a lot of experiance as a stalker and I would like to know how to become an accredited witness. Lady at DMQ Do you know an assesor Me No im sorry I dont. DMQ Then you cant become an AW. ME Pardon DMQ If you dont Know an assesor you cant become an AW. ME This sounds like jobs for the boys. DMQ NO no no its not give your adress and I will send you the forms. ME If I dont know an assesor what is the point. So I didn't Bother and said goodby and put the phone down its there loss.

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    I see your point mate, but it is all about to change so don't lose heart. It has always been the case that someone like yourself has had to have an assessor to take them on as the lady said. This was firstly to ensure that you are up to the required standard to do the job properly and to brief you on exactly what is required as well as keep you updated with any changes. Just because an individual has been doing it for years doesn't necessarily mean they are good enough. (That is not a 'dig' at yourself by the way! ) It was up to the assessor to establish this.
    However, it could be argued that not all assessors have the same level of competance or standards! What if the assessor then packed it in or died for instance? The AW would have to find a new one! The idea was sound in some respects though as it tied AW's to assessors in the same areas which made geographical sense for briefing updates etc.

    Under the new system, the new AW's (Approved Witnesses) will have to have recommendations from two referee's. They will all come under the same DMQ umbrella too, as well as having to attend regular briefings which should hopefully standardise procedures. You may also have heard that CW's will be no more as posted in a recent thread by myself.
    I'm sure someone will now ask who will qualify as a referee, and to be perfectly honest, I don't know! I'm sure someone on here will know though (mr Standbuck! ), or if not I will find out soon.

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    Where abouts are you Sika dog?

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    Sounds like a load of nonesense to me just like all these quango based incarnations
    I have always thought the whole thing is a pointless load of rubbish and this type of incident just strengthens my resolve to avoid it if at all possible..
    I would much rather someone like Sikadog show me the ropes as he seems a genuine guy that loves his sport, Stone, Wadas, Phil, Jayb & Malc all taught me a great deal more out in the field and mooting points over dinner and the odd bottle of wine than some muppet with a bit of paper ever could

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    Waddas now wasnt he the one who didn't even know which way to drag a deer and posted the debarcle on youtube?

    That is just the kind of 'expert' being sponsored by an assessor was intended to weed out.

    The whole credible witness thing has fallen down as the 'in'credible witness's portfolio entries are generally poor, and need re-doing.

    You need to be sure the person witnessing is up to the job otherwise the system is worthless, I have even heard of credible witness's being asked by the assessor why they had asked a certain question only for them to answer I copied it out of 'my' DSC2.

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    Well it's funny you should say that he was a very credible witness really knows his onions sure any of the admin team will back that
    What a video still crying with laughter everytime I see that, this is what makes the difference betweeen someone with a real knowledge of the sport combined with great a sense of fun, cf the stuffed shirt full of blustering hot air knows sweet fa that isn't in his little red book sorry DMQ

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    How can you ‘nonesense’ and ‘rubbish’ something you have avoided and therefore clearly know precious little about?
    Sikadog probably could show you the ropes but can you be sure of that if you don’t know him? If I were a novice paying out my money to someone to learn the ropes I would want to know for sure that he was capable of doing just that. The ‘muppet’ with the piece of paper didn’t just find it on the floor! He has been through a process to ensure he is up to a required standard. The process has had its flaws but is dynamic and seems to be improving all the time. It will be further strengthened by only allowing ‘appoved witnesses’ in the future. I would suggest to any newcomers that the ‘Muppet Show’ will be found elsewhere.

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    I have seen all I need to see of that bunch mate, you have your views I have mine based on what I have witnessed myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by legaleagle69
    based on what I have witnessed myself
    But you are not a 'Witness' though? - not even a credible one!
    Based on the fact that you only started stalking yourself just last year, I seriously doubt that you have actually 'witnessed' that much at all to be airing such strong views about an organisation which you know very little about?

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    i hav a question
    what is the process you hav to go through to be a credible witness or an AW
    what qualifacations do you need????

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