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    Mentoring letter layout

    Hi, I have been asked to mentor a mate of mine as he has enquired with A&S regarding his purchase of a 243 for roe management, they came back and suggested he go down the named mentor route and keep a log of outings and culls for a unspecified length of time)...Without getting into the rights and wrongs of needing a mentor this is the way he has decided to go, so asked me to be the named person....My question is could anyone give me an example of the basic letter layout that I would need to put together to support his application...Thanks

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    Phone the department concerned yourself first and ask them what they require of a mentor for your pal. I understand Guidelines are starting to change for all forces and they may be turning away from the mentoring condition.
    however if they still do require it they should be able to tel you what they expect and then you can confirm your acceptance of their requirements for your friend and refer to the conversation in your letter.

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    When I've done it for people in Avon & Somerset they have named me on their application then I've just got a phone call to confirm my acceptance and they then forwarded me a load of paperwork with what they expect.

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    Last year a local lad to me but who lived over the border in Somerset, applied for the same. I acted as a ref for his application and they insisted on a mentoring condition. He provided my name and phone number to his A&S FEO. The FEO phoned me to confirm my willingness and asked me to confirm in writing.

    This I duly did with a simple letter stating that I was happy to mentor Mr XXX of XXX address and would advise them as and when I considered the mentoring condition should be removed.

    We kept no written records of his outings. Some 6 months later I wrote to A&S requesting that the condition be removed, It was.

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