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Thread: urgent advice needed on binoculars

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    urgent advice needed on binoculars

    Back again asking for your advice sorry if its not in the correct catorgoriery.
    I have bin offered a pair of swarovski binoculars 7x42 slc they are approx ten years old in good condition no scrathches to lens etc just the odd nic here & there to the body With orginal lens caps, don't think they have bin serviced with in the last few years, they are asking 280 doas that seem a decent deal .

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    I,ve used the 7x42 slc for around ten years and had no problems,I have never had them serviced and they have never let me down.When I bought them I paid 550 so I think that they are slightly expensive at 280 but they are a quality glass,it all depends on your budget and the condition,I would try to haggle but would probably end up paying the price as they are great binos

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    I think you are getting a deal and will be u
    useing a real quality binocular after a few months send them in to get the once over no prob with that as they have life time guarantee.

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    That's a bargain Weeman if they are not damaged!
    They cost about 800 new. The age is irrelavent with quality optics like that - as long as they aren't scratched on the lenses or really battered. You can always get them repaired/serviced yourself. 7 x 42 is probably the best mag you can get for stalking IMHO too! (I use a pair of 7 x 42 Leicas). Buy them! Or give me his details and I will!!

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    Sounds a good buy if the optics are good, look on fleabay check out prices and if you don't get on with them just flog em at a profit

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    Mate, if they are not damaged buy them! I paid 800 for mine many years ago and they are still excellent today! Swarovski service is excellent, no worries at all!.

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