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Thread: Leather cartridge bag care

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    Leather cartridge bag care


    Ive just bought a new leather cartridge bag and would like some advice on what to treat it with to make it last. I was thinking of trying this stuff from nikwax.

    Nikwax Waterproofing Wax For Leather

    Any recommendations are welcome.



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    I have a leather gunslip and just use leather treatment I have for other stuff, either RM Williams for their boots or the Dubarry stuff my missus uses on hers. No problems so far and keeps it treated.

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    Nikwax is the doggie doodahs used it for more years than i can remember on hiking boots mine are 30+ years old the soles are more like slick tyres now but the leather is almost as good as new.


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    Thanks for the replies will give the Nikwax a try and see what it's like


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