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Thread: decent springer air rifle (hw 80 ,aa tx200 )

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    decent springer air rifle (hw 80 ,aa tx200 )

    hi guys all my firearms now gone there's a few rats and bunny's I need to take care of .anyone got ether of the above an hw 80 id like to have open sights still .preferably in .22
    cheers nik

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    i have a near mint HW35 with original open sights .
    if youd like some pics give me a shout


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    yes please mate ive pm'ed you

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    I have two hw77s one is a varmint.
    ​let me know if you fancy one?
    Smile and more people will smile with you.

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    Hi Tayfix

    whats a hw77 varmint? if you dont mind me asking , ive heard of carbines and standard length barrels , is it the stock? venom made a varminter and very nice too , is it one of these

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tayfix View Post
    I have two hw77s one is a varmint.
    ​let me know if you fancy one?
    hi mate I think iam sorted know thank you
    if it is a venom you have don't sell it cheap there worth a good few quid

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