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Thread: Cheap insurance for jimny

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    Cheap insurance for jimny

    Hi guys didnt know where else to put this looking for cheap insurance for my Jimny

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    I'm with Adrian Flux and is pretty good considering all the modifications and off road insurance too. Depends if yours is standard and only for on road use or if you want it insured for off road use and if you have it modified too.

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    Just bog standard mate tks

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    another vote for adrian flux but also worth trying a company called 2gether they beat adrian flux this year for my shogun. also flux direct are worth a go, the sister company to adrian flux.

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    My Vitara is insured by SureTeam. Limited to 4k miles but is fully comp and covered off road and green laning. With 3 yrs NCB about £200 which was v competitive.


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    Adrian flux-I'm 21 and just insured a disco as a second car for £436 fully comp. When everyone else is asking £2k I thought that was pretty darn epic

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    Landrover 90 hybrid, fully modified, 5k ltd miles a year - Onecall £100.34 a year, Where they get the .34p is beyond me lol

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    Nfu are very good,I shopped around but they give me a cracking deal for my Hilux.
    ​Atb John

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    both my wife and myself have Jimnys and we pay less than £360 for both via Hastings Direct. This is for fully comp

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    I'm currently insured with Royal and Sun Alliance £154.. Also try Sureterm specialise in 4x4 and cheap too.


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