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Thread: Ammunition advice?

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    Ammunition advice?

    I've only ever used Federal .243 "power shock" 100 grain whilst stalking roe & muntjac. My usual stockist in Wiltshire claims that due to the "American War Effort" the supply from Federal is sporadic. He suggested NORMA ammunition instead. Does anyone have any experience of using Norma - does it compare with the tried and tested Federal. Should I be bold and spend 31 on a box of 20?!

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    I've used both Federal and Norma ammunition in my .243. Both shot good groups and they also kill deer. I'm sure some of the reloading dweebs will be able to quote chapter & verse on ballistic coefficients, kinetic energy, yadder, yadder, yadder, but for the slightly less anal of us I think Norma is an entirely good round that will more than meet your requirements.

    As for cost, I highly recommend lurking about your local gun shop until someone chops in their .243 for a different calibre and you get the buckshee ammunition at a discount - like I did a couple of weeks ago. 60 Norma rounds for 30.

    If cost is a major factor, I would have a look at Privi Partisan ammunition.

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    I'm in full agreement with the comment on Norma ammunition, very highly regarded, It's up there with Lapua etc, never been called an anal dweeb before though! Steve.

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    Norma make the brass for federal i think very good stuff and top book on speed
    privvi good if your rifle likes em but slower by a large margin.

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    Norma is the best factory ammo I have found for my gun. On top of that the quality control is very good. Their cases are some of the best so keep hold of them and pass them on if you don't reload. You'll get the price of 20 loaded rounds for 100 once fired cases.

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    It's a bit of a con really when the 90 grain stuff is usually 8 - 10 per box cheaper than the 100 grain stuff!!!

    Sako Gameheads 90 grain SP .243 are very good on our Scottish Roe.


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    Should I be bold and spend 31 on a box of 20?

    No! Try reloading and free yourself from the bondage of paying factory prices for factory ammunition!

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    After nil success with Privi in my .270 I would suggest that you do not there unless you can dismantle them and reload a better round. After dismantling them I found that they vary between 127.5 gr and 130.2gr per bullet head. Perhaps that would explain the price and pure unpredictability of them. BUT why not just buy a case, as said IF your rifle likes them they are a fantastic buy. If not, invest in some reloading equipment.
    I can assure you it will give you much greater confidence in your ability than using factory rounds once you have got it right.


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