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Thread: Patch catcher

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    Patch catcher

    I had to give my rifles a good clean last week and usually use a plastic bag over the muzzle but a brass brush always catches it. Found a simple solution by using an empty 300/500ml empty drinks bottle which fits over the muzzle and attached by some insulation tape. Very effective when using bore foam and no more mess just put the whole lot straight in the bin when finished.


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    Been doing this for a while. Works a treat.
    I got a top of the range 'fairy' patch catcher.
    Not sure what that says about me.
    I might have to change it.

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    I've using this method for a while, I found a short stubby water bottle and glued some neoprene around the inside of the neck.
    It just slides on and off different diameter barrels, you don't need to use tape then.

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    You should make and patent that. I bet someone would buy that.

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    bloody good idea that

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    To make some use of unloved juice bottles and catching wayward patches;
    Made out of a piece of 30mm Nylon rod and threaded for whatever rifle I'm cleaning.
    Simple enough to modify the design for a rifle without thread but with a foresight.

    Did not want to 'split' the bottle and wanted to use the original cap to seal the bottle after use.
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    tried this last night , great idea.

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    I must try this what a great idea.

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