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Thread: 175gr smk and n140

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    175gr smk and n140

    hi all I was wondering iff any has any info that could help me with long range home loads, im usinf matchkings and n140 as I have a good supply of both at a good price, my current load is 0.56 moa but the rounds are only 2200fps and I think they will struggle at 1000 yards.
    thanks for any help. Stu

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    N540 would be best bet,n140 more suited to 155gr smks,if you go on lapua site and look for viht reloading data that will tell ya.them 175s need to do around 2600fps for a 1000yds

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    Cheers for that. Will load upto that amd see how it gos

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    Let us know how you get on mate. I have the same mix.
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    just a quick update, tested some loads over a chrono to check the speeds, upto the 40grs of n140 as the vhit data says is the max load for 175gr smks I got 2450 fps not much more than the stated velocity in the data. no signs of over pressure on the cases or the primer. next test is to slowly work up in small increments to see how much is needed for 2600fps. will post results as I find them

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    2nd update, started off shooting 42grs of n140 which is .5 of a grain over the max in the vhit book, avg of 2580 fps. then 42.5gr 2600 fps, 43gr 2620fps, 43.5gr 2650 fps and 44gr 2700 fps. only had slight signs of over pressure at 44gr and that was only the start of primer doming but only slightly. lucky my best group was the 42.5gr with 0.248 moa height and 0.07moa width. all @ 100 yards so very happy to find a load
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    Nice one , As a note many good loads are found 2gr under max . I read years ago the 175,s were a Wednesday bullet i.e Sierra were all at work when they came up with them .


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    With the 175 grain bullets you would be better off with N150 and saving the N140 for 168's and below. N150 definitely has a better burn rate on the heavier bullets and yields better velocities even in short 20" 1:12 barrels.

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