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Thread: Wilts Social.

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    Wilts Social.

    There seem to be quite a few members from around my part of the world (North Wiltshire); it would be good if a few of us could get together for a beer one evening now that evenings are drawing in...not least because my wife is getting fed up with being sat in front of the computer when not out stalking!

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    Good idea - when & what did you have in mind?

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    I know a couple of village pubs around the area that that do a good steak & serve good beer, but am happy to listen to any suggestions. Possibly a Wednesday or Thursday night sometime in mid-late October?

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    If it's during the week of Oct 19-23 I could join you - if you'll allow! I'm originally from the North Wilts area but moved to Somerset a few years ago.

    I'll be doing a training course in Cirencester that week and could easily make a meet up around N Wilts...

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    Definately up for it!! Name a place, date and time, Thursdays are bad cos I shoot in the Devizes and District Miniature Rifle League on most of them from the end of September (a couple of wednesdays too) but am open to suggestions where a good meal is involved...

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    How about a Friday night? A little notice so that I (& may be others) can get a 'pink ticket'

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    There are a great number of decent pubs in the NW district, if we pick somewhere mid ground, say between devizes and salisbury? open to suggestions as geography was never my strong suit

    There's the Pelican, the Who'd a thought it, the red lion (lacock) to name a few. Pick an area and we'll find a pub to suit ok?

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    Sorry, that shouldn't be "Guest" I hadn't logged in....Doh!

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    Sorry, I've been away on holiday for the week. What about the Red Lion at Lacock on Wed 21 October? Mr Free Market - let me know if you can't get a pass (I know what it's like!) and we'll rearrange for a Friday, although I'm pretty much booked up until early November.It would be good to meet up with anyone who is either from or around this area, or willing to travel over for a pint and a chat.

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    Wed 21 Oct, Red Lion, Lacock - fine. I'll aim to get there at 9

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