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Thread: Lapland Capercaillie and Black Grouse Hunt 20th-25th September

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    Lapland Capercaillie and Black Grouse Hunt 20th-25th September

    Lapland Capercaillie and Black Grouse Hunt for 4-6 Guns

    Arrive Friday 20th September hunting Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues then flying out on Wednesday 25th September

    Capercaillie and Black Grouse hunting in the Finnish autumn forests in Lapland!

    We will hunt:

    Capercaillie - Black Grouse - Ptarmigan - Hazel Grouse

    This hunting trip is for the shooters, who are looking for true quality and a “real hunting” experience. The trip will provide something very special for those hunters who love wild nature. You will experience the hunting in the way that it was intended where a group work together to flush and shoot, teamwork is the codeword for success. The hunter, the forest, the dog and the game makes the framework for a unique Lapland nature experience where you will use all of your senses. This is a trip You will always remember and you want to tell your friends!

    The hunting area is only visited by the people once a year, and that is only in September, when our hunting trip is going to be. The quantity of birds will of course vary in every year depending on the reproductive conditions and the weather. The hunt will take place in varied terrain. The different of the bird species that we will hunt lives in the different biotopes and also the area contains old forest, pine and birch. To optimize our hunting experience we have to find the right combination of the different trees and soil for those birds. The experience only gets better considering that the moose, bears and reindeer all lives in the same area. Combining this with the incredible tranquility of this untouched wilderness and lunches outside, you are guaranteed a trip that you will always remember!

    After a day of hunting we will return to our cabins so that we can relax and prepare the dinner. A good old tradition is to eat some of the birds that have been shot during the day and talk about the day's events. During the trip there will of course also be an opportunity to become acquainted with Finnish hunting culture and Lapland's nature.

    This trip is for everyone – regardless of experience. Everyone has an opportunity to experience hunting from a rare perspective. We hunt with the dogs. If you want to bring your own dog that can be arranged too. And you will try to call the Black Grouse in and shoot them in trees. This is very exciting and something most people will have never tried before.

    PRICE Ģ750

    Included to the price:

    • 4 days hunting
    • Cabin for the stay
    • Transfers from the airport and back
    • Transport under the hunt
    • Finnish hunting license
    • Finnish hunting guide

    Not included:

    • Flights to and from Finland
    • Renting of guns (if needed; aprx. 70-90 eur/trip)
    • Ammunition (can be bought as used)
    • Food and beverages

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    Thanks for PMīs they are all answered sorry it toke some time.

    Cheers Christian

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    Ring me christian I could be up for this trip again.

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    Will you be doing this hunt again next year, would love to be there, thanks, zippy.

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