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Thread: Positive role of hunters & boar hunting presented to EU Parliament

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    Positive role of hunters & boar hunting presented to EU Parliament

    The European Landowners' Association presented the results of a study on the Demographic Explosion of Wild Boar in Europe to the European Parliament. In it they highlight:

    • the boar population explosion,
    • the increasing numbers of boar shot by hunters,
    • the importance of artificial feeding in protecting agricultural crops,
    • the need to increase hunting seasons if artificial feeding is banned
    • the need to recognise the role of hunters in agricultural crop protection and
    • the need to recognise the role of hunters in enabling farmers to support EU biodiversity objectives.

    Also some interesting notes comparing 'forest fruit' feed (acorns, beech nuts, etc) and artificial maize on the reproductive rate of sows, suggesting that the former had more of an impact. Worth a read...

    The presentation is in English and French, the full report in French only. Both available here:

    From the CIC newsletter:
    Wild boar numbers in Europe have seen an explosion in the past 20 years, with the average increase quoted as between approximately 250–400%. The factors influencing this increase are both natural and human-related. In a recent meeting of the European Parliament, the European Landowners Organisation (ELO) presented a study which was released in June 2012 entitled "The Demographic Explosion of Wild Boar in Europe".
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    Nice to see us being promoted & supported now if our government can be convinced

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