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Thread: Woodland Schmidt & Bender Stalking Scope

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    Woodland Schmidt & Bender Stalking Scope

    1.5-6X 42 Schmidt & Bender German Optic 30mm tube as new condition
    No ring marks etc


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    Seeing as this is a Schmidt and Bender 'scope I am surprised it has no takers .
    I have just bought a S & B Classic and a Doctor that was advertised on here recently for a lot more money than this.
    If this had been up earlier I would have jumped at it.
    The magnification on this one is ideal for Driven game on the lower setting as it gives a wide field of view and the highest setting is as much as the average stalker would need for Deer.
    If the condition is as advertised, ie as new, then this is a snip although an indication of reticule might help .

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    I have a friend who may be interested in this, I've just passed the details on to him. I'll find out either way tomorrow hopefully and let you know

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    Scope Recticle

    Reticle is said to be German No4 if that helps thin cross hair


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    S&B Scope

    Come on fella's 300 odd hits stop lookin and buy it the wife will never no I won't tell her any way.
    Make a rifle very happy!!!


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    Sorry fella. My mate was really after a mil-dot type reticle so he's going to leave it for now. Good luck with the sale though, I can't believe it's still here! It's a bargain.

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    Scope Now Sold

    Hope Geordie has great success with his new optics


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    Cheers Mark
    Superb scope and a good guy to deal with.

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